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Corporate Experience

I have worked commercial roles agency & client side apx 8 years experience. Freelance & PM experience a further 9 years. Never really had a big career break but gained a lot of experience.


Design experience started with co-ordinating agencies & creative departments. Later training in photoshop, InDesign, autoCAD & other packages. I have strong skills with experience in campaign, strategy & project management. In total apx 15 years experience.

Web Design

Digital since 2001, my experience is extensive & ranges a number of sectors. App & website development, comms, strategy & experienced in areas of monetisation, business development, UI & UX, PM & web architecture.


Marketing experience stemmed from sales roles, initially back in 2000-2001 the budgets were being spent in traditional and print, tv and mobile, this shifting towards PPC, optimisation and social. I have evolved with it all and become an expert in reporting, utilising GA4 and other reporting tools to achieve optimisation, SEO and PPC during this 20-something years. The machine is only as good as the operator is so wonderfully true.


at a glance skills and experience

I started my career in sales and have developed a strong focus on commercial aspects from this, I have had the values to listen, add-value and deliver on objectives and client satisfaction instilled into me, it is these values that have allowed sales targets to be consistently achieved and exceeded, with accounts, new business and retention.

Marketing, Design and Analytics are my natural skillsets and I have various portfolios and references to demonstrate, these are areas I enjoy on a daily basis and I believe I have something to offer to a team situation across a number of sectors. ( having achieved within areas of training and education, business services, tourism, lifestyle and property)

Digital works extend to all manner of individual projects, ranging from CRM and business development through to servers, data and design. I am no engineer or tech expert, but I know enough and ideally would be working with tech teams.

Project Management is probably the most straightforward career step to take right now, however, my experience suits mid-level managerial roles in areas of web architecture, business development, sales management. I have held budgetary responsibilities, am a strong communicator and can combine these with presentation and reporting skills.

There isn’t much I haven’t done, from events through to server management and waitressing through to menu development. I can provide references from 2000 to present day and am always interested in developing skills or training. I am not the most patient of people and like to get a job done, I prefer working to premium and luxury standards and to deadlines. I am a strategic thinker, a problem solver and great with generating ideas, dependable under pressure and generally a ‘can do attitude’.

  • Photoshop/Indesign/ADOBE/Creative 90%
  • Campaign/Schedules/Social/Management 70%
  • Marketing/Branding/Sales 95%
  • Digital Marketing/SEO/Analytics 80%