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The OrganiciQ site was taken down following the relocation from Berkshire in 2013. In 2014 the company originally planned to provide the umbrella for the iQ series including OrganiciQ was wound up, this was due to interference with some of the tech platforms that should have ensured a safe and valid environment for our customers. I have a number of shelf-type websites live if you want to take a look round, these include a responsive site providing information on my availability for freelance works To view Information on Annie… My career has covered a variety of sectors and I have acquired extensive experience within the digital, design and business development space.

You can also now view the fully live iQ recipes site, information and top tips relating to nutrition and recipes and seasonal foods … This site is in need of an update and will be regularly updated, it provides information for those considering tailored nutritionally developed plans and recipes. To view…

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…or for info on Annie…

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for those of you unfamiliar with the long-running saga, OrganiciQ was first started in 2006, based just outside of Chester, originally providing marketing and services for those involved with Organic and speciality foods, attractions and dining… since then, a lot has happened. The work evolved to feature much more for the house and home as well as gifts, a number of designers and some other cool stuff too, generally if its made in GB and offers something original, quirky and/or exceptional and trading during this period, it is probably on the database. The aim is to provide our browsers with a genuinely enjoyable, safe and secure platform, featuring some inspiring lifestyle finds and resources. So business or browser… come back and check on us soon!